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Get up close and personal with billions of trees
with Kanop tree-level measurement.


Climate change intensifies every day.

To curve the threat, forest ecosystem services are critical in absorbing carbon out of the atmosphere.

However, the number of healthy forests in tomorrow's world will depend on how well their value is accounted for today.

Getting measurements right will pave the way to a world where Earth's forests are understood, protected, and integrated sustainably in tomorrow's economy and society.

With only a few clicks, Kanop unlocks tree-level precision measurement by harnessing AI and high-resolution satellite images.

Carbon capture measured.


Kanop harnesses artificial intelligence to process remote sensing data that give you explainability down to a tree.

Digital Twin

Tree-level precision that makes it pretty much like being there. You'll know every single tree.

Premium Data

Kanop AI models are given a healthy data diet. Sentinel data for starters, followed by a whole suite of high-res optical and SAR commercial data.

How do you get tree-level precision?

We use the most precise satellite images available and train our AI with ground data from thousands of forests.

Measure. Report.

Made Easy

An enjoyable approach to measurement. Whether measuring a small forest, to thousands of hectares, Kanop measurements are frictionless.


Kanop technology that cares for all forests, big and small.


MRV budgeting just got very straightforward. We're talking max a few euros per hectare.


Insights are delivered fast. Think coffee break speed, or latest in a matter of days.


It's all in one place. Log in, have a clear grasp of how your forests are doing and integrate it into your workflow - think product, landing page, and wherever you find it nests well.

What do you need from me to get started?

As a user, all we need is your area of interest, then select the indicators you need. We'll deliver your insights in a matter of days. All results are usable in your favorite GIS tool. At times, you may provide us with ground data that will help our AI perform even better in your area.

Trust by Design.

Impact Recognized by Peers

Kanop stays independent in the value chain of carbon offsets to provide measurements that will give flexibility to all project developers.

Just Measuring

For a world where carbon offsets are reliable, we've taken the position to focus just on measuring. We have no vested interest in supply and demand.

Partner Access

Whether passing it on to a buyer, verifier, or anyone else wanting to see carbon capture reports, we give you the flexibility to choose.

Being 'independent' is common practice?

Carbon capture management solutions vary and many of them have vested interests in more than one core offering. By designing Kanop to focus strictly on measuring, project developers can be trusted and empowered to sell them at a higher value.

Ecosystem services are complex.  They're playing a growing role in our society and economy. To make sense of it all, reliable measurement is critical.

”By 2030, nature-based solutions across all land-based ecosystems could result in removals of at least 5 GtCO2e per year, going up to 11.7 GtCO2e"
Read Carbon Brief
”There is room for an extra 0.9 billion hectares of canopy cover, which could store 205 giga tons of carbon in areas that would naturally support woodlands and forests.”
Read Research Publication
“The problem is that the world lacks a shared, sensible system for valuing the contribution of trees to sequestering carbon.”
Read The Economist




Know Your Trees

Give due credit to forests, with tree-level measurement.
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