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About Us

We're leveraging artificial intelligence to measure the environmental benefits provided by nature-based projects around the world. As a starting point, we're focusing on forests.

We imagine tomorrow's world more sustainable by designing precise, independent and affordable solutions.

In short, we like a planet with forests of all sizes.  
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We are a science-based, solutions-driven team dedicated to solving one of humanity’s greatest challenges: climate change. We believe nature itself can help restore the balance, but the number of healthy ecosystems in tomorrow's world will depend on how well their value is accounted for today. That’s why we’re using cutting-edge AI-powered data to precisely measure their benefits and unlock the potential of nature-based projects. 

Trust and transparency are at the heart of everything we do. Because ecosystem benefits are complex and costly to measure and synthesize, it can be difficult for some of these initiatives to scale. To make sense of it all, we’re committed to building a seamless experience for our customers so they can continue their essential work unhindered by costs or delays. We believe this information should be available to anyone working towards a better future, which is why Kanop is an independent, unbiased platform accessible to projects of all sizes.

Getting measurements right will pave the way to a world where Earth's ecosystems are understood, protected, and integrated sustainably into the economy and society. We’re laser-focused on building a frictionless, impactful measurement platform that is equitable, efficient, and cost-effective for everyone and anyone interested in establishing and scaling nature-based solutions. Climate change is the challenge of our lifetimes, and we are committed to meeting the challenge head-on.
Values are what flora is to forests -  less obvious, yet fundamental

Our Values

Building a platform that we're proud of and you happen to find useful, starts with simple and intentional values

We're doers

We're Collaborative

We're Unbiased

We're Infinitely Curious

We have ambitious goals that require us to act with thoughtful urgency. This means we continuously prioritize our work and hold ourselves to high standards in our commitments to our customers and one another.
The only way we’re going to tackle big problems is by supporting each other. We welcome open and honest feedback. Trust, kindness, and transparency are fundamental. 
Science is objective, and so are we. We’re not interested in gimmicks or tricks that distract us from our mission. We pride ourselves on creating an ethical, data-first company and platform that can be used and trusted by our customers without ulterior motives. 
Using cutting edge technology, we uncover and measure all the benefits nature provides. We’re continuously learning and amazed by the wonders of Earth. While we accept we can’t know everything, this energizes and inspires us to do our part fighting climate change.
Gathering engineers, scientists and cultures

Tech-for-Good Starts with Good People

Kanop's team brings together doctoral expertise in the field of machine learning and remote sensing alongside science and industry expertise.

We happen to also work in English to be internationally inclusive and hire the best people.
Romain Fau
Co-Founder & CEO
With 14+ years in tech, Romain was key to BlaBlaCar's growth as General Manager for Western Europe (2012-2017). He later led product and monetization at PassFort (now Moody's Analytics) and Cleo AI. Romain co-founded Kanop to bring transparency and trust to carbon and biodiversity markets.
Louis de Vitry
Co-Founder & CTO
Louis graduated from Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Centrale Paris and KTH. Managed AI projects, worked on complex medical images to improve cancer treatment, developed expertise in processing and analyzing satellite images.
Victor Allory, PhD
Ecosystems & Carbon Engineer
Victor is a PhD agronomy engineer specializing in carbon sequestration and ecosystem management. He has extensive research experience in carbon storage, soil analysis, and phytoremediation.
Colette Gelas, PhD
Remote Sensing Engineer
Colette holds a PhD in biomass estimation using SAR data. She has collaborated with CNES, CESBIO, and Capgemini, and actively participated in the ESA  the BIOMASS mission. Colette's expertise lies in advanced remote sensing techniques, including polarimetry and interferometry, applied to environmental monitoring and forest biomass estimation.
Carla Geara
Computer Vision Engineer, PhD Student
Carla holds a Mathematics, Vision and Learning Masters from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Carla is also a PhD Student in computer vision with Kanop, Telecom Paris and ONERA.
Stéphanie Baltus-Bergamo
Lead Backend & Infrastructure Engineer
Stéphanie has over 15 years of experience leading and contributing to data engineering, software development, and infrastructure projects at renowned companies like LeBonCoin and Algolia. She excels in designing robust data architectures, building scalable data pipelines, and mentoring engineering teams.
Adrien Salem-Sermanet
Machine Learning Engineer Intern
Adrien is an engineering student specializing in AI, with extensive experience in data science, machine learning and NLP. He has worked on diverse projects involving optimization, demand forecasting, and anomaly detection.
Emmanuel Kumah
Frontend Engineer Intern
Emmanuel is an Engineer from ENSAE, specialized in data science and machine learning. He's passionate about all things data, from analytics to building seamless pipelines.
Coby Strell
Business Development Manager
Holding an MSc from ESCP Business School and a BA from Denison University, Coby has worked on projects for the Hamburg Port Authority and Doing Business Doing Good, focusing on sustainability and regenerative business practices. Coby holds expertise in sustainable development and data analysis.
Accessing a wide range or expertise

Advising Team

Our board members bring a variety of value to the company, including expertise in carbon markets, forestry, ecology, regulation, remote sensing and artificial intelligence.
Konrad Schindler

Professor of Photogrammetry and RemoteSensing, ETH Zurich. 27k citations. Expertise: AI, Forest monitoring

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Jocelyn Chanussot

Research Director at INRIA, AXA Professor of Remote Sensing at Chinese Academy of Sciences.

45k citations with expertise in VHR, Hyperspectral data.

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Asger Olesen

Director at IWC (International WoodlandCompany), Seconded NationalExpert/Policy Officer at the EuropeanCommission. Asger supports Kanop on a pro bono basis.

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Mike Bekin

Non Executive Director, FSC UKManaging Director, EcochoiceAdvisor, Open Forest Protocol & OpenForests.

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April 29, 2024

How to comply with VM0047

VM0047 introduces dynamic performance benchmark based on remote sensing data.
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Building a world where Earth's natural ecosystems are understood, protected, and integrated sustainably into tomorrow's economy and society.
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