Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MRV)
for Nature-based Solutions

Measuring the climate and biodiversity impact of nature-based projects is now accurate and accessible
A measurement report of biomass generated by Kanop’s artificial intelligence.

Screen projects, Measure and Report impact with Ease

Accurate Measurement

Our AI models process a mix of remote sensing instruments - optical and SAR - that provide precision measurements of a minimum 10x10m forest floors. Our models are adapted to different ecosystems, and can be further calibrated by uploading project-level ground truths.


Out with prohibitive costs, in with pricing that adapts to each project, MRV is now drastically more affordable. What you used to do every 5 to 10 years will be something you will have the choice to do every year.

Continuous Monitoring

Automation allows for easy monitoring of your carbon forest projects to guard from unpredictable threats with automated reports every month.


To make carbon offsets trustworthy, we concentrate solely on measuring and don't get involved in buying or selling. We have no vested interest in supply and demand of carbon credits.

Screening and Monitoring Redefined

Straight from your browser.
No need for a credit card.

Hear it from project developers

Below are two project developers we are proud to help

Our projects are global and building accurate reporting was becoming challenging from an operational point of view and also expensive. Kanop provides a scalable and reliable MRV solution, built by a team that is passionate and that has expertise on biomass and carbon calculations.

As we grow our forestry projects, optimizing our measurement and on-site collection process was becoming essential in order to report to our clients. Kanop’s approach to MRV is very complimentary and easy to use.

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