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Measure the climate and biodiversity impacts of nature-based projects and land use, from your desk.
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For teams and ambitions of all sizes


Our platform is flexible and easy to access.

Users create an account and can immediately begin measuring with just a few clicks. Data integration is also possible via our API.

Your data is always in your control. You can easily upload and export data from our platform - you're never locked in.
Laser precise AI models crafted with care


Our state-of-the-art models are trained with space-borne and aerial LiDAR data points, which are processed through our sophisticated proprietary algorithms. To ensure accuracy and reliability, our models are rigorously validated using both LiDAR and an extensive collection of field data.

There is no project "too complex". Complexity empowers us by improving our AI, meaning your future measurements will be progressively more precise.
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Training area for our models
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Up-to-date tools and practices

Compliant with standards and frameworks

In the Voluntary Carbon Market, we adapt to any methodology and are compliant with recognized global standards such as Verra. We help you make Scope 3 nature and climate-related disclosures in accordance with CSR frameworks, including ESRS, TNFD. Our methodology is transparent, and results can be audited.
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Allometry relations and Equations

Adapted to your specifications

Controlling measurement precision and costs is possible with our extensive offering.

Our goal is to accommodate various nature-based solution methodologies from numerous global standards. Our platform can be tailored to incorporate your preferred allometry relations and equations.

Transparent and accessible, verifiers can effortlessly assess and validate your project's configuration. Please get in touch to explore how we can assist you with your specific requirements.
Seamless Integration

Advanced API

Kanop's API connects your sites and projects directly to our advanced analytics platform.
Designed for flexibility and ease of use, our API ensures that your environmental monitoring and reporting needs are met with precision and efficiency.
Built with security at its core, our API ensures that your data remains safe.
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Nature-based Solutions data analytics just got modern. There are no silly questions.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the platform

Is Kanop compatible with Verra Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and other standards?

Yes, we are. We establish the baseline scenario, derive the performance benchmark and monitor the stocking index for VM0047. Also, we enable integration of field measurements to recalibrate model outputs, making us compatible with VT0005 (Tool for Measuring Above Ground Live Forest Biomass Using Remote Sensing). Last but not leasr, we are proactively working to maintain compatibility with forthcoming revision to VT0005 as well as Verra's upcoming "Tool for Measuring Height of Biomass Using Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence".

What are the limitations on project size?

There are no limitations. Projects can range in size from a few hundred hectares to millions of hectares. We believe that all ecosystems deserve modern measurement tools.

Can your solution differentiate between primary forests and planted forests?

Yes, our platform harnesses satellite imagery and AI to discern various types of forests, be it primary forests or plantations.

What indicators does your platform provide?

Our current data product provides the following indicators, accessible via intuitive maps and interactive dashboards: canopy cover, forest cover, canopy height, tree height, aboveground biomass, belowground biomass, carbon stock, carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) and the Rao's Q diversity index.

Is ground data necessary?

Our data product's accuracy can be enhanced by recalibrating it with your own field measurements, for example, to meet specific standards’ requirements such as those outlined in Verra's VT0005 or VM0047. For more information on this process, please reach out.

What data sources do you use?

Our AI uses imagery from satellites that use optical, radar and LiDAR instruments. Some of the imagery is public and some is commercial. The mix gives you fast and accurate reports. You'll discover the power of easy and accurate measuring.

Is Kanop capable of generating baseline data?

In order to generate a suitable quantity of credits for a conservation project, it is crucial for developers to establish the 'baseline' for the region in question. Instead of relying on outdated data where validation is difficult or impossible, our AI provides transparent and precise data points as far back as 2007 to establish relevant and dynamic baselines.

Is there an API to access the platform?

Yes, our API connects your sites and projects directly to our advanced analytics platform. Moreover, built with security at its core, our API ensures that your data remains safe. If you're interested, let us know.

How accurate is the estimation of the aboveground biomass?

Our accuracy assessment reports compare our model against global independent spatial LiDAR GEDI AGB dataset and against LiDAR-derived AGB research findings from Brazil. We observed a Mean Absolute Error (MAE) of 15 tonnes of dry matter per hectare of aboveground biomass in many ecosystems. For further details, please contact us.

Still have questions?

As we grow our forestry projects, optimizing our measurement and on-site collection process was becoming essential in order to report to our clients. Kanop’s approach to MRV is very complimentary and easy to use.


Our forests under management have grown drastically as we expanded nationally and internationally. Tracking forest growth and health was becoming challenging, until we started using Kanop. Managing resources has become easy and the cost for doing so has drastically dropped.

Forestry Club de France

Overseeing the health and growth rate of all sites with over 200 million planted trees is a monumental challenge. With Kanop's provision of detailed data, we will get invaluable insight into tree health and the biodiversity of our planting sites, enabling us to pinpoint the exact areas needing additional support.


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Precise, science-based and scalable data analytics for Nature-based Solutions and Scope 3 nature and climate-related disclosures
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Building a world where Earth's natural ecosystems are understood, protected, and integrated sustainably into tomorrow's economy and society.
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