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Our platform is easy and flexible to access.

Single users provide an email while creating an account and can measure with just a few clicks. While product-integrations are also possible via our API.

Your data is also always in your control. You can upload and export data from our platform - you're never locked in.
Measurement levels can be customized for every project to meet your goal and budget.
A measurement report of biomass generated by Kanop’s artificial intelligence.
Laser precise AI models crafted with care

Breathing AI Models

Our state-of-the-art models are trained with space-borne LiDAR data points, which are processed through our sophisticated proprietary algorithms. To ensure accuracy and reliability, our models are rigorously validated using both airborne LiDAR and an extensive collection of field data.

There is no project "too complex". Complexity empowers our solutions by growing our AI, so your measurements get ever more precise.
600 000 km2
Training area for our models
Allometry relations and Equations

Configurable Methodology

Our goal is to accommodate various nature-based solution methodologies from numerous global standards. Our platform can be tailored to incorporate your preferred allometry relations and equations.

Transparent and accessible, verifiers can effortlessly assess and validate your project's configuration. Please contact us to explore how we can assist you with your specific requirements.
Measurement levels can be customized for every project to meet your goal and budget.
A measurement report of biomass generated by Kanop’s artificial intelligence.
Each forest has its own needs

Measurement Levels

Controlling measurement precision and costs is possible with project-level customization

Standard Level

Provides indicators at a 10x10m spatial resolution (25x25m before 2017)

Enhanced Level

Provides Standard indicators plus biodiversity metrics, at a more granular spatial resolution.


Measurement levels can be customized for each project and budget. The more area you are working with, the lower the cost per hectare.
NBS data analytics just got modern. There are no silly questions.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the platform and billing.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can test it by making a project that's up to 25 hectares big. You'll be able to measure using standard measurement levels (10x10m resolution) and see how your project changes over time. No more calling consultants for long processes. Try us, it's easy like signing up for a movie streaming website.
What big or small can projects be?
Any size, from a few hundred hectares to many thousands of hectares. We think all forests deserve to have modern forest measuring tools.
What’s needed to get started?
Just your email, a few clicks, and your shapefile or geojson. Our platform will make a report just for the area you're interested in. And don't worry, we won't ask for your credit card to try us out.
What data sources do you use?
Our AI uses imagery from satellites that use radar and optical instruments. Some of the imagery is public and some is commercial. The mix gives you fast and accurate reports. You'll discover the power of easy and accurate measuring.
Is ground data necessary?
Our AI models benefit from extensive training using an immense dataset of ground truths. As a result, we do not require project-level ground data. However, should you choose to provide us with specific ground data relevant to your area, it can further enhance our AI's performance and accuracy. In such cases, we will assist you in importing the data to ensure optimal results.
How independent and unbiased is Kanop?
To make carbon offsets trustworthy, we concentrate solely on measuring and don't get involved in buying or selling.

Still have questions?

As we grow our forestry projects, optimizing our measurement and on-site collection process was becoming essential in order to report to our clients. Kanop’s approach to MRV is very complimentary and easy to use.


Our forests under management have grown drastically as we expanded nationally and internationally. Tracking forest growth and health was becoming challenging, until we started using Kanop. Managing resources has become easy and the cost for doing so has drastically dropped.

Forestry Club de France

Tracking forest growths has been challenging for our members across France due to the high cost and tooling available. Kanop offers an affordable reporting solution that helps them to improve their management strategies, in a more complex environment due to climate change.

CFBL Coopérative Forestière

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