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Single users provide an email while creating an account and can measure with just a few clicks. While product-integrations are also possible via our API.

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A measurement report of biomass generated by Kanop’s artificial intelligence.
AI models we've crafted with care to always provide precision

Breathing AI Models

There is no project "too complex". Complexity empowers our solutions by growing our AI. Our team of experts have designed and crafted models that are given a healthy data diet. Sentinel data for starters, followed by a whole suite of high-res optical and SAR commercial data. As we grow, your measurements get ever more precise.
200 000 km2
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Our forests under management have grown drastically as we expanded nationally and internationally. Tracking forest growth and health was becoming challenging, until we started using Kanop. Managing resources has become easy and the cost for doing so has drastically dropped.

Forestry Club de France

As we grow our forestry projects, optimizing our measurement and on-site collection process was becoming essential in order to report to our clients. Kanop’s approach to MRV is very complimentary and easy to use.


Tracking forest growths has been challenging for our members across France due to the high cost and tooling available. Kanop offers an affordable reporting solution that helps them to improve their management strategies, in a more complex environment due to climate change.

CFBL Coopérative Forestière