No tree left behind

Sustainable forest management made easy and accurate
A tree-level measurement report generated by Kanop’s artificial intelligence. Easing forest resource management by providing precise and fast identification of trees across forests of all sizes, anywhere in the world

Making management decisions made easy

Accurate Forest Mapping

Volume measurement is precise and easy to get by leveraging our AI models. They are given a healthy data diet to provide ever-greater precision. Sentinel SAR and optical data for starters, followed by a whole suite of high-res commercial data.

Lower Inventory and Operational Costs

Pricing is transparent and affordable by reducing the need for field sampling to the minimum. You save time and focus on management decisions.


No matter how big your forests are, our AI technology can give you accurate reports in a matter of hours.

All your forests are a click away

However many forests you may have, wherever they may be around the world, you'll find them all from your desk, neatly organized on our platform.

Hear it from forest managers

Below are three forest management companies we are proud to help

Tracking forest growths has been challenging for our members across France due to the high cost and tooling available. Kanop offers an affordable reporting solution that helps them to improve their management strategies, in a more complex environment due to climate change.

Managing 300 000 hectares of forest has created forest management challenges. Kanop allows us to improve our tracking and have a clearer sense of what needs to be done for each one of our forests. It will play a central role in our future operations.

Our forests under management have grown drastically as we expanded nationally and internationally. Tracking forest growth and health was becoming challenging, until we started using Kanop. Managing resources has become easy and the cost for doing so has drastically dropped.

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Building a world where Earth's natural ecosystems are understood, protected, and integrated sustainably into tomorrow's economy and society.
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