Supply Chain Monitoring for
EUDR Compliance

Kanop's satellite-driven solution empowers supply chain managers to monitor deforestation and forest degradation, to ensure compliance with the new EU deforestation regulation.
A measurement report of biomass generated by Kanop’s artificial intelligence.

Making EUDR compliance easy

Failure to comply can result in financial penalties amounting to 4% of revenue, along with significant reputational damage. Consistent and vigilant oversight of your supply chain become indispensable.

Farm registration in a click

Register farms and request analysis through the platform in a few clicks, or at scale using our API. Results are provided within 24 hours.

Low operational costs

Because our platform is fully automated, we are able to provide affordable prices no matter how much land you want to measure.

Automated monitoring

As an option, we provide monthly monitoring so you get updates when you need them and can go about your life stress free.

Multiple reporting formats

Export the results in the format that suits your need, whether that’s in CSV, PDF or as a data stream through the API.
Questions that help us improve

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the platform

What are the limitations on project size?

There are no limitations. Projects can range in size from a few hundred hectares to millions of hectares. We believe that all ecosystems deserve modern measurement tools.

What are the different data products available?

Our two data products, Screening and Monitoring, are designed to support you along the entire project development lifecycle. Screening is a basic product that provides a high-level overview of your canopy cover, forest cover, aboveground, belowground biomass, canopy height and carbon at a 25-meter resolution. Monitoring is a more comprehensive product that provides you with all of the information that screening does, plus recalibration with field measurements, 95 confidence interval, at a 10 or 25 meters spatial resolution

Can your solution differentiate between primary forests and planted forests?

Yes, our platform harnesses satellite imagery and AI to discern various types of forests, be it primary forests or plantations.

What indicators does your platform provide?

Our current data product provides the following indicators, accessible via intuitive maps and interactive dashboards: canopy cover, forest cover, canopy height, tree height, aboveground biomass, belowground biomass, carbon stock, carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) and the Rao's Q diversity index.

What are the EUDR's traceability and transparency obligations?

The EUDR mandates operators to procure the geo-coordinates (latitude and longitude) for all land plots from which the commodities or products originated. Additionally, the date or timeframe of production or harvesting must be specified.

What are the due diligence requirements under the EUDR?

The EUDR requires operators to establish a due diligence system, ensuring that sourced commodities or products are deforestation-free and adhere to the legal standards of the production country. Operators are obliged to carry out risk evaluations, address significant risks, and provide a public report on their due diligence efforts.

Does your technology differentiate deforestation from degradation?

Yes, in accordance to the EU Deforestation Regulation, our technology can differentiate between deforestation and degradation.

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